Route 5 bridge heading into Guilford, VT

About the Bridge



Saturday, August 19, 2017 – There are no lane closures planned for I-89 or US 2 on Saturday (8/19).

Week of August 21, 2017:

I-89 Lane Closures –Daily lane closures at the bridge can be expected this week as crews continue to work on Pier 2 in the median. Milling and paving in the southbound right lane shoulder may also occur this week. Pier 2 will see more backfilling and the steel sheets will be removed from the cofferdam, which supported the excavation during construction. Site preparation work for setting of the structural steel will continue as crews construct several crane pads. The structural steel beams for the new bridge are scheduled to be set in September.


The Vermont Agency of Transportation will replace the Middlesex US 2 (Bridge 55) over I-89 and the New England Central Railroad. Located about two miles east of the intersection of US 2 and VT 100B, the 660-foot, 35-foot wide, nine-span bridge is in poor condition.  It will be replaced by a wider (40 feet) but shorter (512 feet) three-span bridge. The new bridge will be built east of the existing bridge.

Construction of the new bridge will be complex as it spans both an interstate highway and an active railroad. Building on a new location adjacent to the existing bridge will allow vehicular traffic to be maintained throughout construction.

The project schedule includes building the new bridge in the 2016 and 2017 construction seasons and removal of the existing structure in 2018.